Franchise Features

Brief introduction to key franchisee benefits


Franchise Features

Brief introduction to key franchisee benefits

serafina franchise Introduction

serafina restaurants have twenty years of restaurant experience and thirty restaurants all over the world. Our brand, name and reputation has grown Immensely during this time due to our dedication to quality, Service and commitment to representing a small slice of italy, wherever we may be. Serafina provides the perfect setting for families, business professionals, trend setters and celebrities to feel welcomed and comfortable in our restaurants. Hence, our motto is:

Where everyone feels at home. Welcome home !
— Vittorio Assaf + Fabio Granato

Benefits of becoming a serafina franchisee 

As a Serafina Franchise owner, you can count on Serafina's expertise of twenty years of Continuous success and experience. Furthermore, Serafina has a very strong name and brand recognition worldwide. synonymous of consistent quality, great swift service and always a fun exclusive clientele. Our success is also consolidated by our incredible celebrity influencers that always add glamour to our restaurants.

direct assistance from Serafina's Core team

  • Serafina counts on a team of one thousand, dedicated and hard working employees and fifty detail-oriented managers. Whom provide constant assistance throughout the whole process of developing a Serafina franchise within your specified location.

  • direct communication with serafina's founder and co-founder

  • On-Site Employee training

  • serafina Brand development

  • serafina brand strategizing 

  • Market strategy tailored to specific location

  • reports analytics

  • strategic planning

  • menu tailoring to specific location

  • architecture design and restaurant design layout

  • Delivery System tailored to the specific location

  • all our franchisee data is analyzed from our san juan headquarters

  • for more detailed information, questions or how to apply to become a serafina franchise owner. please fill out the Preliminary form below. 

Be Part Of Serafina's Ever-Growing Family Both In The United States And Internationally !


Franchise application

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Franchise application

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Ciao ! Thank you for your interest in Serafina Restaurant franchises. Feel free to contact Us to arrange a meeting with Serafina's Founders. We would love to hear from you and answer any inquiries you may have. 

vittorio assaf


fabio granato