Serafina Is Designed To Be An Extension Of Your Home !
— Fabio Granato

Vittorio Assaf and Fabio Granato created the concept to combine excellent food with the same comfort found within your own house. this idea is achieved by welcoming all of our guests into our relaxing environment fueled by home-style meals shared with friends and family.

based on a very authentic approach to northern italian food and using only the highest quality ingredients, our cuisine originates from family recipes handed down from generations of cooks and adapted by vittorio assaf and our team of professional chefs.

serafina delights diners with a creative twist on simple, original italian dishes. enjoy homemade pastas with pesto, hillside cherry tomatoes, porcini mushrooms, caviar, truffles combined with our signature sauce, or choose from simple marinated meats, fish and vegetables.

we also offer over 20 Varieties of thin crust pizza made with 00 Italian flour, filtered water, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt from sicily and we produce them in ovens hand built with lava stone from mount vesuvius fueled by burning cherry-wood.

all of serafina's creative pastas and risottos come to life with the freshest locally grown produce and ingredients, while our delicious desserts and extensive wine list satisfy every craving.

our remarkable food combined with the lively atmosphere of each location has garnered a wide audience. always Buzzing with animated conversation, hearty laughter and upbeat music, serafina's unique combination of a casual setting, charming service and delicious, great food have kept our locals and our celebrity-studded clientele coming back for more. 

Fabulous Italian Cuisine is served to locals, celebrities, athletes and families in a fun, upbeat environment !
— Vittorio Assaf