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Serafina OO + OOO

By Pivetti SPA Gianluca.pivetti

Produced for us by one of the most renowned and traditional mills in Italy, by the Pivetti Family in Bologna. Pivett, family owned farms for generations, strongly believe in the quality of their grains. All their fields are naturally fertilized and non GMO. They strictly use only their own grains to produce their products. The most refined flour they produce is the 00 and a new super light flour called OOO. This OOO flour has a much higher degree of lightness, it is super finely ground-milled, and it is essential to make our Serafina Thin Crust Pizza. It creates a lighter dough, increased elasticity and let us stretch the disk of the pizza while using a lesser quantity of dough. We started using this superior OOO flour in January 2018, exclusive to Serafina in the US. We use this special flour in our gnocchi and pizza to create an incredibly light dough and dining experience!  


1. Easier to digest
2. Low starch content and gluten content. Potentially, a good alternative option for people that have a gluten intolerance or a wheat intolerance.