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Prosciutto Di Parma

a bowl filled with different types of food on a plate

By Carlo Galloni spa and Mirella Galloni

Prosciutto is a simply cured ham and as legend says, it was invented in Parma Italy in 100 BC, over 2.000 years ago. Produced in Langhirano, Italy. We have a 20-year relationship with Mirella Galloni an award decorated Prosciutto producer. Mirella her own fields where she grows and feeds her own animals, famous for saying “we are what we eat, same goes for my maialini (my pigs)”. Mirella produces a dedicated line of Serafina Prosciutto, very lean, aromatic and aged 2 years for quality. It is very low in sodium that makes this product by far one of the best Prosciutto in Italy.


1. Prosciutto was the superfood secret of the Roman warrior and gladiators and consumed before battle as it is a great source of energy!
2. High content of minerals like Iron and zinc.
3. High content of Vitamin B12 , B6 and B1